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We have been manufacture  RF and fiber optical products for almost 7 years in Iran. RF Hanger and Clamp , Grounding Kit, cable assembling ,fiber optic patch core and pigtail,Feeder Cutter,jumper...
our customers are mainly government and private sector.
Brand , Quality , payment term , after sell support are important for us. daily visited by many local and region customers. You can check the site statistic her

So if you can offer Brand of high quality Telecom and network products and have acceptable payment term ,and think of Win Win cooperation we can help you in Iran big and growing market .


BR Mr. Reza Delgosha
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 1.     RF cables
LMR 100 cable, LMR 200 cable, LMR 240 Cable, LMR 300 cable, LMR 400 Cable, RG 6 Cable, RG 11 Cable, RG 58 cable, RG 59 cable, RG 142 cable, RG 174 cable, RG 178, RG 179 cable , Rg188 cable, RG 213 cable, RG 214 cable, RG 217 cable RG 223 cable,  RG 316 cable(D/S, S/S), RG 400, 1.13mm cable,  etc.
High Frequency cable

Suco 141 cable, Suco 0.86 cable, RG 402 Cable, RG 405 Cable, SS 402 Cable, SS 405 Cable, LL 120 LL 142 cable, LL 335  etc.

 2.    RF connectors
N Series, DIN Series, BNC Series, SMA series, TNC series, MCX series, MMCX series, SMB series, SMC series, SSMA series, SSMB series, SMZ series, SMZ series,  1.6/5.6 series, 1.0/2.3 series, FME series, UHF series, RCA series etc.

High Frequency Connector
2.4MM, 2.92MM, 1.95MM, 3.5MM, N, SMA, DIN, PC7 etc

 3.    RF Adaptors
N Type Series RF adaptors, L9 Type Series RF adaptors,    SMA Type Series RF adaptors,   SMB Type Series RF adaptors, 7/16(L29) Type Series RF adaptors, BNC Type Series RF adaptors, TNC Type Series RF adaptors, SMA Type Series RF adaptors, SMZ Type Series RF adaptors, MCX Type Series RF adaptors etc

High Frequency Adaptor
BNC to SMA , N to N, N to SMA, SMA to SMA, PC7 TO DIN, 2.4MM TO 2.9MM, 2.4MM TO 3.5MM, 2.92MM TO 3.5MM etc.

4.    RF cable assemblies/jumpers :
We also offer all type of RF cable assembly and wire to board connector assembly/ interface cable, High frequencies assemblies as client requirement such like:
Wire to board connector assembly,7/16(L29) Type Series cable assembly,    N Type Series cable assembly,  L9 Type Series cable assembly,  SMA Type Series cable assembly, SMB Type Series cable assembly, BNC Type Series cable assembly, TNC Type Series cable assembly, SMZ Type Series cable assembly, MCX Type Series cable assembly,  CRC9 type Series Cable Assembly, MMCX CABLE ASSEMBLY.           

5.    RF antenna
GSM magnetic antenna, USB modem antenna, Mobile phone antenna, Mobile phone antenna adapter, Patch panel antenna, Rubber antenna for GSM/CDMA, Magnetic antenna for GSM/CDMA, GPS antenna, Patch antenna, WiFi antenna etc.

6.    Microwave Product:
Attenuators , Splitter, Combiner, Coupler ,Power dividers, Matching Transformer 120E to 75E (BALUN) with RJ45, BNC, M4 and Banana Termination, Dummy Loads 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200W, DC Blocks, Coupler 2,3,4 way, Attenuators 10, 20, 30, 40dB in 2, 10, 20, 50W,SPLITER, COMBINER, COUPLER,DUPLEXER, BPF,LPF ,ALL KIND IBS AND BTS PARTS,  LIGHT Arrestors - Dual Band 900-2500 and DDF etc

7.    Wave Guide Product.   
Straight Waveguide                              Bend Waveguide
Twist Waveguide                                  Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter
Waveguide Transition                                           Waveguide Coupler
Waveguide Tee                                      Waveguide Joint
Waveguide Dummy Load                                      Waveguide Attenuator
Waveguide Circulator                           Waveguide Isolator
Electric Dual Ridge W/G Switch                            Waveguide Short Plates
1/4 Waveguide Offset Short                                 Flexible Waveguide
Flexible Twist Waveguide                                     Elliptical Waveguide

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