Price of BNC Connector clamp male RG59

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BNC 2.5  , 3 c 2v ,RG59,RG-58, 59, to RG-1792 نوع 50 و 75 ا

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The BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connector is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector; mating is fully achieved with a quarter turn of the coupling nut. BNC connectors are used with miniature-to-subminiature coaxial cable in radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment, test instruments, and video signals. The BNC was commonly used with 10BASE2 computer networks. BNC connectors are made to match the characteristic impedance of cable at either 50 ohms or 75 ohms. They are usually applied for frequencies below 4 GHz[1] and voltages below 500 volts.[2]
Similar connectors using the bayonet connection principle exist, and a threaded connector is also available. United States military standard MIL-PRF-39012 entitled Connectors, Coaxial, Radio Frequency, General Specification for (formerly MIL-C-39012) covers the general requirements and tests for radio frequency connectors used with flexible cables and certain other types of coaxial transmission lines in military, aerospace, and spaceflight applications
The BNC was originally designed for military use and has gained wide acceptance in video and RF applications to 2 GHz. The BNC uses a slotted outer conductor and some plastic dielectric on each gender connector. This dielectric causes increasing losses at higher frequencies. Above 4 GHz, the slots may radiate signals, so the connector is usable, but not necessarily stable up to about 11 GHz. Both 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions are available. The BNC connector is used for signal connections such as:
    analog and serial digital interface video signals
    amateur radio antennas
    aerospace electronics (avionics)
    test equipment.
BNC Tee Connectors with resistive load terminators
The BNC connector is used for composite video on commercial video devices. Consumer electronics devices with RCA connector jacks can be used with BNC-only commercial video equipment by inserting an adapter. BNC connectors were commonly used on 10base2 thin Ethernet network cables and network cards. BNC connections can also be found in recording studios. Digital recording equipment uses the connection for synchronization of various components via the transmission of word clock timing signals.
Typically the male connector is fitted to a cable, and the female to a panel on equipment. Cable connectors are often designed to be fitted by crimping[4] using a special power or manual tool.[5] Wire strippers which strip outer jacket, shield braid, and inner dielectric to the correct lengths in one operation are used

The BNC connector (Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector) is a common type of RF connector used for the coaxial cable which connects to various types of radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment.It is usually applied for frequencies below 3 GHz  and voltages below 500 Volts.

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50 ohm 0-4GHz/75 ohm 0-1GHzBNC coaxial connectors are miniature, light-weight and can operate satisfactorily up to 11 GHz.The connector is typically used in applications from DC to 4 GHz and yield low reflection in this frequency range.They're one of the world's popular RF connectors.They are prevalent in computer networks, audio, video, data processing and telecommunications equipment because of their size and relatively low installed cost. and cable terminations are available in crimp, clamp, solder and jacket quick twist configurations.The two-stud bayonet lock coupling provides ease of connecting and disconnecting and is ideally suited for applications such as test equipment where this feature is notably significant


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Price of BNC Connector clamp male RG59

Price of BNC Connector clamp male RG59

BNC 2.5  , 3 c 2v ,RG59,RG-58, 59, to RG-1792 نوع 50 و 75 ا

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